Dec 16

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Distributed Antenna System

The Distributed Antenna System is not new technology, but has been hiding in a niche market for years.  Distributed Antenna system has been used by wireless carriers to improve their coverage and capacity, and since the DAS originated in the cellular industry, it's coming to light and needed more now than ever with the inception of wireless everything. The primary function is to boost indoor coverage by rebroadcast of cellular and RF signals in areas of low reception, such as malls, hospitals, stadiums, and other large venues where reception is usually disrupted by structure. Now that smart phones, IPad, laptops and other wireless devices are taking over, DAS is even more important to fill gaps and dead spots where carriers can not otherwise reach effectively.  

NDC offers the following services for DAS:

1. Design.  Survey / Solution / cable run sheets /elevation and topography

2. Installation - Single or Multiple Carrier / Passive, Active, and hybrid systems /Fiber - copper cabling / full installation / testing, optimizing, certification & public safety compliance / access points

3. *NEW*....Digital DAS systems that allow the end user to easily change, add, or remove frequencies.  DAS BDA Programming at your fingertips! 

3. Maintenance. As with anything we do, we stand behind our products and service with a warranty on every install,  and offer complete maintenance programs. 


Primary Locations:



Convention Centers

College & Universities


Theme Parks

Business Centers

Hospitals & Medical Centers