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Network Cabling - Ethernet, Fiber Optics, LAN, CCTV, Telephone, Coax, Security, Computers

Network cabling is what we do, and we do it very well!  With team partners across the United States, our network cabling installers can be mobilized anytime and anywhere in the US.  We specialize in all areas of Ethernet Network cabling from central office to the desktop.  NDC offers network cabling design and design-build services at better than competitive rates.

Our network cabling specialists are backed by years of on site work and ongoing training, with connections to resources that only seasoned network cabling technicians have access too.  As administrators, designers, project managers, and technicians,  NDC is well equipped to handle virtually any installation and design project you can throw at us.

We offer a wide array of designs, installation methods, testing and troubleshooting services:

  • Hardware Installation of Servers, Racks,  Work Stations, Data Cabinets, Cable Trays, Cable Management, Raceways, Power Poles, Network Equipment,  Switches, Hubs, Routers,  and much more.
  • Network Cabling - There are many ways to send your valuable information across your Ethernet network, such as using all copper from end to end, copper to fiber and back to copper, or fiber optic from end to end.

National Data Contractor  provides Ethernet Network cabling through a wide variety of communication transits, the most common being Ethernet, fast Ethernet 100baseT, and Gigabit Ethernet. 

Voice and Data - Network cabling connects your hardware and enables information to be carried throughout your network.  Some LAN designs may only call for older Ethernet technology based on the 10 Mbps, but more commonly are LAN designs based on Ethernet 100base-T (fast Ethernet), and the newest Gigabit 1G network speeds.  Whatever your needs are, NDC can implement the right solution for your needs.  

Coax - What used to be the old 10BASE5 Ethernet Network Cabling standards, coax gave way to twisted pair and fiber, but still serves a major role in the infrastructure.   Coax has been, and remains the choice for S/PDIF high fidelity audio (though shared with fiber and TOSLINK for audio), television, satellite, broadband and security camera systems.  

Video - We use a combination of video cable and coax, as many applications require coaxial cable, but we also use twisted pair cable for applications that are compatible.

Twisted Pair - This is the most commonly used cable and designed for use in voice and data applications and LAN's for computer networking. We also use twisted pair cable for surveillance systems and alarms. Cable comes in cat.3, cat.5, cat.5e, cat.6, cat.6a, and cat.7. 

Fiber Optic - Many of our network cabling projects entail the use of a fiber backbone, where we send the network traffic across the longest run via fiber, and then break out to copper.  Fiber and copper have a vital role in office networking, as they compliment one another, thus enabling longer network runs.  Fiber can also be brought to the desk level (FTTD) for a complete fiber optic network from equipment to desk.   

MDF and IDF  Network Cabling- Because your MDF and IDF's are the core of your network, we ensure your networking cabling is installed to meet all standards and carefully cabled and organized to ensure the best performance, accessibility, and properly tagged for ease of use.