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  • nationwide service and sales, security clearance techs
  • small business phone systems, PBX, IP PBX, VoIP
  • Smarthome automation, web relay, touch screen, remote control
  • wifi luxul cisco hyperlink engenius
  • residential and commercial structured cabling
  • ndc fiber optics backbone installation
  • structured cabling install design and product sales
  • security camera systems, sales and installation
  • wifi network install design sales
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National Data Contractor's NAICS Codes

The below codes are the codes that National Data Contractor works under as referenced by the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS, pronounced as Nakes).  Should you need to reference or classify National Data Contractor, please use one of the below codes.  Be sure to include the trailing description, as many of the codes have the same reference number. 

NAICS CODE: 238210  Electrical, electrical wiring, and low voltage electrical work

NAICS CODE: 238210  Low Voltage electrical work

NAICS CODE: 238210 Cable splicing, electrical or fiber optic

NAICS CODE: 238990 Cable splicing (except electrical or fiber optic)

NAICS CODE: 238210 Building automation system installation contractors

NAICS CODE: 541512 Office automation computer systems integration design services

NAICS CODE: 238210 Home Automation system installation

NAICS CODE: 238210 Telephone equipment and building wiring installation

NAICS CODE: 238210  Audio equipment installation (except automotive) contractors

NAICS CODE: 238210 Security and fire systems, installation

NAICS CODE: 541690 Security consulting services

NAICS CODE: 561621 Security alarm systems sales combined with installation, repair, or monitoring services

NAICS CODE: 238210 Surveillance system, installation only

NAICS CODE: 238210 Telecommunications equipment and wiring installation contractor

NAICS CODE: 238210 Telephone equipment and building wiring installation

NAICS CODE: 238210 Communication equipment installation

NAICS CODE: 238210 Computer and network cable installation

NAICS CODE: 238210 Control system (e.g., environmental, humidity, temperature) installation

NAICS CODE: 238210  Electronic control installation services

NAICS CODE: 238210 Electronic control system installation

NAICS CODE: 238210 Home theater installation

NAICS CODE: 238210 Intercommunication (intercom) system installation

NAICS CODE: 238210 Lighting system installation

NAICS CODE: 812199 Sun tanning salons

NAICS CODE:812199 Tanning salon repair

NAICS CODE: 811490 Boat, pleasure, repair, wiring and maintenance services without retailing new boats