Fever Detection Screening Systems

Fever Detection Screening systems are quickly becoming the new normal, and will likely be the way of the future for business owners where large crowds of patrons visit, even if COVID-19 becomes another note in history.  With influenza and other diseases being commonplace, Fever Detection Screening systems will provide advanced warning of any fever inducing diseases, thus helping businesses remain proactive in keeping their staff and patrons safe.

As a Fever Detection Screening system Integrator, we provide advanced level knowledge through our years of design, installation, and commissioning of many types of camera systems, from standard analog and IP to thermal night vision and fever detection systems.  Coupling our knowledge of these systems with our highly trained technicians, a professional Thermologist, and expert affialtes makes NDC the ideal fit for any business looking to take advantage of such a system.  We are well versed in being able to integrate a thermal camera system into your active network, or as a stand alone.   


In the midst if COVID-19 many low voltage security companies are trying to break into the market, bringing with them little to no expierence to this new arena.  This creates critically impactful mistakes in design, equipment selection, and installtion proceedure.


We are not your average fever detection screening system integrator, as we offer comprehensive services to any extent you require, along with a wide array of talent in all things wireless and cabled.  Our expansive network capabilities and thermal camera system design knowledge, along with a Florida state electrical contractors license, OHSA and manufacturer certifications, we can handle the entire project from conception to completion. 


What are Fever Detection Screening systems?

With mass transit being a part of our everyday lives, the movement of people between countries and cities across the world enables efficient transportation of infectious diseases  within just a few hours time.  This recognition, now at the forefront of attention has prompted the evaluation of mass screening methods to help prevent, delay, and warn us of potential  infections from entering into healthcare settings, communities, etc.  Fever detection screening systems are thermal cameras designed to detect elevated heat signatures in humans as they enter an establishment.  They work by way of an infrared thermal camera combined with a high resolution imaging camera working in conjunction with a blackbody temperature calibration unit for highly accurate temperature measurements.  















                   Fever Detection Screening System