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Florida Professional Engineer Stamp BDA design plans.  

NDC offers construction ready plans designed and stamped by a Florida PE with RF experience. 


Florida is strictly enforcing that all emergency radio BDA / Public Safety DAS system designs be stamped by a licensed Florida Professional Engineer carrying a Florida PE Stamp.   All commercial, multi-unit residential, governmental, and educational occupancies must have a reliable BDA system that meets the requirements of NFPA72, reinforced with Florida Professional Engineer (PE) Stamp and yearly  BDA Maintenance and Monitoring | Public Safety DAS.  in place.  Further, building owners and developers must submit all test documentation and a Certificate of Radio Coverage Compliance (“CORCC”), signed and sealed by - Florida PE.


The state requires that building owners and developers engage the services of a qualified BDA / Public Safety contractor having the knowledge of Radio Frequency (RF) installation with training and experience in the engineering and design of emergency responder radio systems (BDA public safety DAS).  The system designer must be a licensed Florida PE with RF background, and the lead installation personnel must be factory trained, and personnel conducting radio system tests shall be qualified to perform the work.  NDC meets all requirements.


We offer our services to building owners, contractors, integrators / installers, and have various design packages available.    We are a one stop Contractor offering end to end in building wireless solutions the right way, with full level services regardless of your project phase or needs.   We provide complete construction ready deign packages with deliverables that can include riser and pathway designs if needed, and all required documentation and support.  Need a 3d render?  No problem. There's no need to sub anything out, as we pull our own permits and do our own installation.  


Our services are offered statewide, and further extend nationally.  We have a second location in Los Angeles where we hold a C-7 and FCC license.  Our capabilities in design and installation will meet your requirements for nearly any level of service needed.