Wander Management System Integrator

A Wander Management system is vital to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and any business that needs to know where their patients or residents are in real time.  A good wander management system allows and promotes freedom of movement and exercise both indoor and outdoor while maintaining vital information about those being monitored.  As a wander management system integrator we work closely with the manufacturers, their technical teams and staff, as well as the facility managers to ensure the system is installed to specs with no undocumented variations and limited intrusions to their staff and residents. 


Installing a wander management system in an existing nursing home, hospital, or other type of assisted living care facility requires the integrator to possess more than just cabling experience.  As a wander management system integrator, we understand the demands of routing cable in a live and demanding healthcare environment.    We understand that each client and location will likely have specific procedures and / or times for entering a patients room, for project start and stop times, as well as a host of safety precautions to ensure their residents do not climb unattended ladders, injure themselves on our tools, or consume unattended drinks and food to name but a few.  Additionally, it is vital that our technicians understand and know how to react to residents that may have dementia, Alzheimer’s or some other at-risk issue that can become eventful.  


We evaluate each client and their needs before we ever step foot in the facility, thus ensuring we are being considerate and understanding of those rules and how they fit into our installation plan, again paying close attention to ensure we have limited intrusion to residents and staff.