Cabling Contractor : Daytona Florida

As a Daytona Cabling Contractor, National Data Contractor provides advanced level structured cabling system design, installation, testing, and close-out packages to our Daytona Florida clients ; extending state wide in the cabling arenas.

Our Daytona cabling contractor division of National Data Contractor has a broad range of knowledge in all areas of structured cabling, and we understand the needs and requirements of potential clients looking for a quality cabling infrastructure to run their business.  We understand what it takes to connect a business via cabling, whether large or small, whether encompassing a single story, or spanning 30 stories, or extending to multiple buildings requiring cabling or wireless connectivity between buildings with multi-level integrated systems.  We understand what it takes to be a Daytona cabling contractor and shoulder your business success based on competency, and we take cabling seriously. 


Many cabling contractors lack the full spectrum of knowledge needed to properly implement a structured cabling solution, unlike our Daytona cabling contractor division, which begins with cabling contractor to client communication skills.  When you choose a Daytona Cabling Contractor there are a few things that you need to consider other than price during your evaluation.  Obviously pricing of the cabling project is going to play a role, but consider these factors:


1) Receptive Communication from your cabling contractor: 

A good cabling contractor can accommodate your requests and provide a solution usually on the spot, while those with limited cabling and network experience are set in their ways and often not willing or capable of going outside their comfort zone.  We have seen it all, installed it all, and gone outside of our comfort zone with complete confidence and 100% success, though we really don't have a comfort zone here at National Data Contractor due to the vast range of services we provide.  Your cabling infrastructure is the backbone of your  business and equally as important as your electrical service, and going offline or working sub par can cost you lost revenue, so be sure you have confidence in selecting the right cabling contractor.  # Daytona Cabling Contractor details / National Data Contractor


2) Communication & Correspondence from your cabling contractor:

Your first week of conversations and sharing prints or ideas will tell you a lot about what you get in the end.  A quality cabling contractor will be quick to respond if unavailable, usually same day, and in our case, within the hour most of the time.  Email responses should be by the close of business, or at least be waiting in your inbox first thing in the morning.  Phone conversations should offer immediate solutions to the majority, if not all of your questions with a cabling contractor, as "I'll have to get back to you" is usually a sure sign that the cabling contractor has limited experience in what you are asking.  There are cases where integration is needed and the cabling contractor may need to ensure product compatibility, but that will be explained as the reasoning. Perhaps more information is needed as well.  My point is to simply listen and observe, which will tell you a lot. A cabling contractor that doesn't respond in a timely fashion on your "first date" certainly will deteriorate substantially in the end and leave you frustrated. # Daytona Cabling Contractor - communication.


3)  Proposals from your cabling contractor: 

This is where separation really becomes evident.  While we don't condone sharing proposals, we've had our fair share of competing cabling contractor quotes sent to us from clients that really wanted to use us, but for whatever reason we couldn't take on the projects, usually due to a low budget or scheduling conflicts.  Regardless, they wanted to ensure everyone was on the same page by allowing us to compare.  We've also consulted for clients where we just couldn't meet their schedule, but they wanted us to look over quotes and help in a limited role.  A good contractor will provide a quote that is well organized, detailed, easy to understand, and leaves nothing for you to misinterpret.  Sorry old school guys, but a hand written BOM is not worth the time it took to write, nor is a spread sheet or generic invoice with a limited scope of work acceptable.  National Data Contractor provides top notch proposals that leave you knowing exactly what you are getting without having to rack your brains or hire an interpreter; anything less is a red flag and indicative of the end results. # Daytona Cabling Contractor - Quality Proposals.


4) Specifications and requirements to your Cabling Contractor: 

This is where it gets interesting, and where we see the biggest discrepancies in bidding prices and projects gone wrong.  We do a lot of drug rehab centers, hospitals, clinics, schools, etc., and most have locations nationwide.  All of them come with a very detailed (usually 30 to 100 pages) set of specs requiring specific products, qualifications, and installation procedures, as well as post project procedures such as training, monitoring, and close-out procedures.  This document is usually provided by the GC, which has limited knowledge on the process.  A good cabling contractor adheres to the spec requirements for direction, and the prints for placement of product.  We get calls often to take over failed projects that have been vacated by a cabling contractor or (EC) electrical contractor that got in over their heads and walked.  This often stems from the the old school guys that state "if it's not on the print it's not a part of my scope!"  WRONG!  Unfortunately, many GC's just look at price and approve or decline, and most often get 3 quotes, two EC's and one cabling contractor.  Guess who's the lowest!  The EC's most likely overlooked the bulk of requirements, and in the end, the client ends up with a sub par install far from meeting their requirements and the GC ends up looking bad because the EC underbid and ignored the specs.  A 30 page spec sheet increases the price with each demand, and skipping this give an immediate uneven bid process to those of us that know what we are doing.


5) Cabling Contractor Close-out packages: 

Every cabling contractor should include a close-out package that contains the required documents per specs.  If no specs were provided, and the contractor designed the build, then it should include at minimum a finalized print with cable schedules detailing numbering schemes, cable paths /trunks, colors schemes, test results, photos, and equipment specs, with a few laminated cable schedules for server room display.  A less experienced, or old school contractor will most often leave this out, or give you a hand written print which is unacceptable.  All documents should be created through some form of software and printed in final form.   


These are just a few things that separate National Data Contractor from others, and we certainly are not your average Cabling Contractor, as we eat, breath, and sleep technology..  We take extreme pride in our detailed work, from our proposals through our clean and professional installs to our post project packages, so if you need a Daytona cabling contractor to do the job right the first time, look no further.