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National Data Contractor designs and builds network infrastructures nationwide through structured cabling and wireless networking, with support for multiple voice, data, video, security, and multimedia systems. National Data Contractor will help you evaluate, design and install the best network solution to meet your needs. Because National Data Contractor has offices around the country, we are more than capable of handling nationwide rollouts from small to large. National Data Contractor is headquartered in Tampa Florida, and as many national data contractor do, we provide structured data contracting services through job teaming if need be. The benefits are that we expand our service area on a national level while keeping our overhead low in team partnering areas, thus passing the savings on to our clients. Our rates are very competitive, so give National Data Contractor a call and let us bid your next project!  Florida Cabling Contractor Landing Page




National Data Contractor offers nationwide service coverage in structured cabling and wireless communications. Whether you need a National Data Contractor for your west coast location, east coast locations, or anywhere in between from North to South, we've got coverage. We've been active in structured data cabling for over 30 years and have grown in technology and reach. Our National Data Contractor techs are part of our extended team, and we work with the vast majority on a regular basis. Our client list consists of many companies that have dozens to hundreds of locations across the country, and they prefer National Data Contractor as their only structured cabling contractor. Our clients have told us that it's hard to find a quality National Data Contractor to handle all of their needs, which is why they demand broad service support. We are licensed in Florida and California, and working on two new locations. In areas where we need a license, we team share with our partners and bring the same quality service, as one of our core crews remain a part of the installation team.
  • Structured Network Cabling

    National Data Contractor is a licensed structured data cabling contractor providing top level experience in the structured cabling industry, with an emphasis on being diverse. Our structured cabling techs are fully cross trained from fiber to copper, and from Wifi to DAS; enabling us to handle any data cabling project you may have. Structured data cabling requires much more than meets the eye, as a data contractor must have network level design skills, IT based background, a knowledge and understanding of signal attenuation, crosstalk, return loss, etc., and the proper tools to design, install, and certify their work. NDC is well equipment in the structured data cabling field, both in knowledge and tools, and our clients stay with us.

    Network Cabling Contractor Selecting the right Data Cabling Contractor
  • Fiber Optic CablingFiber Optic Contractor

    Fiber optic cabling is not a field within the cabling industry that just any company can handle, as it is one aspect that can easily be installed incorrectly or damaged during install. National data contractor implements fiber optic cabling into many of our projects, whether it be a fiber optic backbone linking an MDF to one or more IDF's, a complete fiber optic network, a fiber optic based cellular tower, or incorporated into a public safety DAS system, our extensive knowledge and implementation of fiber optics and system integration on a vast variety of projects is what sets us apart. National data contractor can design, integrate, and implement a fiber optic infrastructure to meet your demands. Our extensive background also includes outside plant fiber optic cabling (OSP), fiber optic testing and troubleshooting , terminations, splicing, As with any other project we do, we perform extensive cable testing and NIST certification on every project we do to ensure excellent end results.

    Fiber Optic Cabling Contractor
  • Long-Haul OSP Fiber - TSL DOT Fiber OpticLong-haul fiber cabling for DOT Traffic Light and Signals Outside plant

    DOT TLS Traffic Light Signal outside plant, long-haul outside plant. FTTx Deployment

    Long-Haul Outside Plant OSP Fiber Cabling Contractor
  • MicroTrenching Fiber Optic Services Add text here for Florida MicroTrenching fiber optic contractor

    • NDC provides MicroTrenching for fiber optic cable installs, which is a process of installing underground microduct and fiber optic cable or other cable types, conduit, and plumbing by cutting a narrow microtrench from 5/8 of an inch to 2 inches wide just below the surface, and to a depth of up to 2 feet if needed. Patching is done with either hot or cold polymer resin reinstatement infill, asphalt, or concrete grout, which can be dyed to blend in near seamlessly with existing surfaces. MicroTrenching is a low impact, high speed installation process that eliminates the need for high cost labor, large equipment construction, and minimal disruption on street, roadway traffic, and workspace areas, unlike the high labor cost, time consuming, and property destruction of trench and boring construction. Microtrenching is usually deployed along street curbs, across large parking lots, across or down walkways, or anywhere that minimal damage and efficient speed is desired. Key Benefits: • Cost effective, and extremely faster than trench and boring • Minimal interference with public utilities, traffic flow, and business • Expands and improves network infrastructures. • Lower restoration cost small trench, less visibility, less chance of ground collapse • No unsightly debris as extraction material is vacuumed during microtrenching • Allows utilities and businesses to keep pace with communication advancements.

    Florida MicroTrenching Fiber Optic Contractor
  • Security: CCTV & Alarm Systems

    CCTV and alarm systems are often thought of as separate security systems, but as an experienced contractor we know how valuable CCTV and Alarm systems can be when incorporated into a single security plan, but it takes the right equipment combination to make it reliable and effective. Combining both a CCTV and Alarm system allows each component to complement one another while both work independantly in their designed modes. We have developed our own security plan that takes full advantage of the CCTV cameras to relay specific details back to your alarm system for the appropriate response, whether that be strobes, warning tones, instruction commands, or activation. Our CCTV and Alarm packages allow for full flexibility, accuracy, and programming control, thus giving the property a level of protection that many never knew existed. We take security serious, and so should you.

    CCTV Contractor


    Electronic Vessel Monitoring for commercial fishing
  • Mass Notification Warning System

    Emergencies happen without notice, or with very short notice, and the steps that immediately proceed become critical to safety. Being proactive and having a mass notification system in place is not only the smart thing, but also part of your responsibility as a leader ensuring that your personnel, clients, and/or visitors are being looked after and protected while under your watch. The goal is to minimize damage, protect assets, save lives, and have the best possible outcome in an emergency situation. National Data Contractor has experience installing MNS in all types of environments, from factories to Military installations, and even scaled down versions for private security use.

    Emergency Mass Notification System (EMNS)
  • Wander Management System IntegratorWander Management System Installer

    As a Wander Management System integrator we understand what it takes to get the job done. Having worked with some outstanding manufacturers and IT teams throughout our involvement in this industry, we have run thousands of miles of copper and fiber cable, and installed thousands of sensors ensuring your loved ones stay safe. Our team of technicians are screened and trained and understand the challenges we face when entering an environment that deals with many different personalities, hurdles, and responsibilities. We are a national company and therefore can handle all of your sites, whether it be just a few, or a few hundred, we are scalable to fit your demands. Each of our teams are trained to your requirements, and we try to keep the same team/s throughout the duration of the install to ensure uniformity and accountability.

  • Access Control Security (RFID)

    Access control is a security technique that can be used to regulate who or what can view or use resources in any environment needing access security. We design and deploy Access control systems with the main goal of providing: Access Control Identification; Computing who or what can access a designated device. Access Control Authentication; Validating the credentials being presented, whether a fingerprint, password, RFID chip, smartcard, etc. Access Control Authorization; Checking all conditional criteria and granting access. Access Control comes in many different packages from basic card or code systems, to more robust systems that take advantage of retinal, fingerprint, facial feature scans, dual entry and more, and not all systems are created equally. National Data Contractor can design and deploy the right system for your needs and budget. Our Installation technicians have installed Access Control Systems in schools, hospitals, banks, military bases, office buildings, apartments and condos, marinas, retail, industrial, grow houses, cell tower huts, etc. .

  • Fever Detection Screening System

    As a Fever Detection Screening integrator we understand what it takes to ensure that your facility is protected from potentially infected patrons of COVID-19, or any other fever induced infectious disease that risks the stability of your facilities’ health. Having worked with some outstanding manufacturers in the Fever Detection Screening arena, NDC has immersed itself into bringing you the best available and most reliable Fever Detection Screening system available. Being that we have installed thousands of camera systems, from thermal to standard IP and analog CCTV, in additional to our expert standing in the communications industry, along with our highly qualified IT technicians and partnering affiliates, NDC is very capable of ensuring your facility has the tools needed to protect your facilities. Our team of technicians are screened and trained and understand the challenges when entering an environment that deals with many different personalities, hurdles, and responsibilities within the healthcare arena, education, shopping centers, sports venues, and other places where large gatherings occur. We are a national company and therefore can handle all of your locations, whether it be just a few, or a few hundred, we are scalable to meet your demands.

    Fever Detection Screening System
  • DAS: Public Safety BDA & Cellular

    We are FCC licensed Distributed Antenna System (DAS) installers with a heavy emphasis on Public Safety DAS installation and BDA design.  Our techs are OSHA certified and meet all requirements for large scale DAS projects. Public safety DAS has risen to the forefront in Florida and California, and NDC has offices in both locations.  Most architects simply do not have the necessary skills to implement proper pre-DAS aspects into their prints, and this is where we shine, as a licensed contractor with full design level experience. National Data Contractor can provide you with a Public Safety DAS Design-Build package consisting of:BDA Contractor

    iBwave Deign File. Equipment list & Cross Reference Report. Cable Routing Report. EMF and Output Maps Compliance Report. Link budget Analysis Report. Design & Floor Plan Layout diagram with labels, Prediction Plots (output maps) - Signal Strength, RSCP, RSRP & Best Server. Wi-Fi Output Maps- Signal Strength, Co-Channel Interference, Max. Achievable Data Rate, SNR, Best Channel, AP Count, Overlap Zones. Geocode & Design the building in 3D for extreme detail, review, and implementation. DAS Contractor

    Maintenance & Monitoring of BDA systems. Annex O of the NFPA sets the testing and maintenance requirements and makes it mandatory to have a maintenance contract in place from a contractor capable of providing and meeting the service requirements. BDA yearly checkups, BDA full system checkups, grid testing, two hour alarm response times, repair times, and AHJ annual filings are part of the requirement. NDC can not only install your system, but also monitor, maintenance, and repair your in building BDA DAS system. We offer several discount packages based on our services provided. A bundled package gets the best rates. Ask us about our BDA Maintenance program. BDA Maintenance - BDA Monitoring


  • Wifi: Indoor/Outdoor

    WiFi installation and WiFi design is yet another of the many belts we wear. We are an experienced WiFi installation company providing commercial wireless network installation, with deployments in large outdoor venues such as sports arenas, campgrounds, live events, as well as indoor WiFi for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, hotels, airports, hospitals, colleges, etc. WiFi is a finicky wireless technology with limitations, and a great deal of attentions needs to be placed on the design aspect, as well as the WiFi installation itself to ensure ample propagation is achieved as well as usability and scalability, among many other aspects. Treating WiFi installation as plug and play is a mistake that many make, and in large WiFi deployments a bad installation will quickly show. Don't let your WiFi network become bottlenecked, hacked, or a headache, let NDC design and deploy a quality WiFi design and get the most out of your investment with a certified installation.

    WiFi Contractor
  • Misc

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  • Misc2

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  • White Space RF Broadband TV Spectrum

    We have experience in White Space Broadband design, implementation and installation in rural area deployments, as well as heavily populated areas. We can design your White Space infrastructure to accommodate your immediate and future growth needs. Whether you need white space to provide broadband to your business, condos, neighborhood, farmland, offshore platforms, or anything in between, utilizing this technology may be the right choice when you have no providers, no direct line of site, obstructions such as concrete walls or environmental obstacles, or simply a distance issues where other wireless systems fail to meet your wireless needs. Whites Space wireless broadband is also a much simpler approach to distributing wireless connectivity over a wider range of layouts.

  • Certification Testing Service: RF to LAN

    National Data Contractor offers RF to LAN certification testing service in all areas that we provide design and installation. Being able to provide RF to LAN certification testing service goes hand in hand with design and installation, as every project we take on always ends with a full certified test or tests to ensure we did our job correctly, to reassure the client that they got what they paid for, and in many areas, to close out the project per regulations. Whether you need to adhere to ANSI/TIA/ISO/EIA certification testing for a 10BASE-T or 40GBASE-T Ethernet level 5 certification testing, Tier 2 OTDR fiber testing, CW RF testing for DAS, Cellular, WiFi, or PIM and Sweep testing, as well as propagation and heat mapping, our complete certification testing service can handle any of your needs.

    Florida BDA Professional Engineer RF Services PE Stamp BDA Grid Testing BDA Acceptance Testing BDA Building SurveyFlorida BDA RF Engineer
  • Network Design Services: RF to LAN

    National Data Contractor offers network design services in all areas that we provide installation. Being able to offer Network Design Services simply means that we understand the system structure and how it works, and by understanding the network design, we excel in the best installation procedures, thus decreasing costly mistakes or client oversights. Whether you need our network design service for an MDF fiber based backbone network with multiple IDF's and thousands of cable drops for large call center, a WiFi network spanning a city block to an entire community, long range or high penetration networks, emergency responder networks such as in building DAS, an extensive CCTV and Alarm system integration, or any other field we service, National Data Contractor takes pride in our knowledge of network design services.

  • Federal & State Compliance

    As a National Data Contractor, Federal and State Compliance requirements often come into play on many of our projects, whether that be how data is secured, stored, and handled on a server and network for HIPPA compliance, how federal and state compliance in the cannabis industry mandates CCTV and access control security protocols, or the high security mandates of government sectors, we have you covered on any project we perform. National Data Contractor has a dedicated specialist that combs through every compliance project we take part in to ensure all mandates and guidelines are followed, and the best practices are in place to make the inspectors happy on the first walk. Additionally, some of our vendors and product designers actively take place in writing these mandates, which also aids in design and ordering of the right products. As a company active in federal and state compliance projects, our goal is to always help facilitate the relationship between clients, regulators, and AHJ, thus ensuring only the highest compliance standards are met and understood by all involved.


  • Misc

    Emergency Responder Radio Communication Systems (BDA) (DAS) Requirements by City .

    City List
National Data Contractor Communication Specialist.

National Data Contractor Communication Specialist.

When you choose National Data Contractor you get perfection, it's that simple.  We strive to be a quality data contractor in every facet of the industry, and our national data contractor services extend from basic category Network Ethernet wiring and Fiber Optic to high end WiFi installation and Network Design

We maintain a professional attitude, well trained electrical contractors and data contractors, as well as all areas of low voltage wiring.  We maintain a friendly relationship with our clients, and anything less is unacceptable.

We provide NATIONWIDE structured cabling services by employing team partners, and by having a network of partners we are a full service national data contractor. We are able to lower our overhead substantially and offer our clients very attractive pricing. Many times we offer the lowest bids around!    

Our work is nothing short of  high quality, and we never leave a job until it is to the clients satisfaction. We work closely with the client from conception to completion, and stand behind our work with a guarantee and continued tech support.  If there's ever a problem, simply submit a ticket on our website and we will take care of you immediately. If it is an emergency, simply pick up the phone and give us a call. 

Since we are a national data contractor and employ techs throughout the country, our national data techs are reviewed thoroughly before we employee them.  We only employ national and local data techs with a proven background in their respective fields, so you can rest assured that the National Data Contractor techs that show up on your site are friendly, respectful, and more than capable of completing the job at hand.


Warm Regards,


National Data Contractor, LLC

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